Ben von Jagow

Writer and Poet



Every Day Fiction – “Redemption”

Pif Magazine – “The Movie”

Jersey Devil Press – “The Secret Life of Randy

Foliate Oak Literary Review – “The Man and the Dog”

Splickety Magazine – “Presents Under the Palm Tree” (Print)


New Reader Magazine – “Chasing the Northern Lights and Counting My Lucky Stars”

Lowestoft Chronicle – “The Roof Is on Fire”

The Mindful Word – “The Import”

American Football International – “Not That Kind of Football”

Blue Osa – “Why You Should Care About the Background of Your Food”

Blue Osa – “Yoga from a Beginner’s Perspective”


filling Station – “In the Jungle” (Forthcoming)

Queen’s Quarterly – “Jupiter Is Made of Stardust” (Forthcoming)

Queen’s Quarterly – “Eleven Belated Notes from Voyager 1” (Print)

Queen’s Quarterly – “Dear Rookie” (Print)

Prairie Fire – “Two Poems from Goalie” (Print)

Canadian Literature – “Toronto from the 44th Floor” (Forthcoming)

Capsule Stories – “Two Poems” (Print)

Newfoundland Quarterly – “Polar Night” (Print)

Yolk Literary Magazine – “Two Poems”

Amsterdam Quarterly – “Druthers”

Marathon Literary Review – “The Spiders in My Room Are Growing”

F(r)iction – “Brevity”

The Antigonish Review – “On the ODR” (Print)

Gordon Square Review – “Midnight Bike Ride”

The Stockholm Review of Literature – “Two Poems”

Porridge Magazine – “Pygmy Elephants”

Kairos Literary Magazine – “Alex” (Print)

Kairos Literary Magazine – “Tea Light Candle” (Print)

Passaic / Völuspá – “God’s Brother”

Maudlin House – “An Ode to Those I Love”

The Literary Review of Canada – “The 10:10 Northbound” (Print)


The Fiddlehead – “The Closing Days of Summer” (Cover Photo) (Forthcoming)

EVENT Magazine – “Nordkjosbotn” (Cover Photo)

EVENT Magazine – “Moon Over Cape Town” (Cover Photo)

Cold Mountain Review – “South African Night Sky”

Die Burger (The Citizen) – “Sutherland Milky Way”